Getting Started With Google Drive

1. To connect your computer to your Google Drive account, begin by launching the Google Drive app in your Start menu. You can get to it a few different ways depending on what version of Windows you have, but on any of them you can click Start, type in Google Drive and press enter, and the app should start.


 2. After a few moments, a new window will appear that starts the setup process. Click on "Get Started."


3. Next you'll be asked to sign in with your Google credentials. Type in your full school email address, click next, then your password. These are your school email address and your regular computer password.


4. The next few screens give you a short tutorial about how the drive app works and introduce you to the mobile app. Click next through each one and finish on the last one.


5. After you click done, your screen will flash momentarily and a File Explorer window will come up. On the left you will see a new shortcut to Google Drive. Click here to access your files, add files, etc. You can use it exactly as you would your H: drive.


6. You'll also see a new icon in your system tray at the bottom right of the screen that, when clicked on, tells you the sync status of your files and how much storage you are using.


7. Finally, in addition to being able to access the files through File Explorer, you can go to from any computer and access your files there.