High School of Business

High School of Business™ is designed much like a college business administration program. Students take approximately one course per semester, beginning with an introduction to business.  The program continues with courses in various business functions concluding with the capstone course, Business Strategies, that requires implementation of the principles addressed throughout the High School of Business™ program.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Grade 9


Wealth Management

Grade 10

Principles of Business

Business Economics

Grade 11

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Finance

Grade 12

Principles of Management

Business Strategies

Course Descriptions

 • Students incorporate High School of Business™ into a college-preparatory style course of study, resulting in the delivery of a breadth of academic knowledge that is then used in rigorous business-focused projects.
Each of the five courses preceding the capstone course includes part of a program-long project.  For example, students nearing the end of the Business Economics course learn how to use a decision matrix and business feasibility study to select a business idea from a list generated in the previous course, Principles of Business.

In Business Strategies, senior-level student teams use the knowledge and skills gained in all of the previous courses to implement their new business idea.

• Internships:  Each student has the opportunity to see business in action.  Observing a senior-level business executive not only puts coursework into action, it can create a visual career goal for students.

From the classroom:
Creative Marketing Strategies
Marketing 101 Handbook

Community Profile of Columbus Grove
Handbook of Marketing Functions
Cell Phone Comparison Chart