ATTENTION AT&T Subscribers: CG Text Alerts not currently being sent to your Devices

UPDATE: The NOACSC has a short term solution implemented that should make it so that AT&T customers receive messages. A long term solution is in the process of being implemented.

Last week, we received word from the Northwest Ohio Area Computer Services Cooperative (NOACSC), that our district’s text messaging system, Ohio Alerts, would no longer send text messages to AT&T phone subscribers because AT&T is filtering the messages. NOACSC is working on an alternative to address this issue, but this will take some time to get resolved. Until then, we ask that our AT&T subscribers signed up for text alerts either sign up to receive alerts via email, “like” CG Schools on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter. All text alert messages are communicated through these two social media sources as well. Only about 3% of our users signed up for text alerts will be affected, as less than 100 of our 3,100 devices signed up for text alerts are AT&T subscribers.