Calamity Day Log (20-21)

Calamity Day/Missed Hours Log for the 2020-2021 School Year

Effective July 1, 2014, Ohio’s public schools transitioned from minimum number of days required for calendar school year to minimum number of hours. In grades, 1-6, students are required to attend 910 hours of school during for the entire school year. 1,001 hours are required for students in grades 7-12. A change from previous law is that two-hour delays, early dismissals, and professional development days count towards hours missed for a school year. Below is a tracking of the number of hours missed so far this school year:

Date Action (Reason) Calamity Hours Used
09/10/2020  2 Hour Delay (Fog)  2 Hours
10/05/2020 Closed (Fog) 6 Hours 30 Minutes
12/01/2020 2 Hour Delay (Snow) 2 Hours
12/10/2020 2 Hour Delay (Fog) 2 Hours
12/17/2020 2 Hour Delay (Ice) 2 Hours
01/26/2021 Closed (Ice) 6 Hours 30 Minutes
02/01/2021 Closed (Snow) 6 Hours 30 Minutes
02/02/2021 Closed (Snow) 6 Hours 30 Minutes
02/05/2021 Closed (Snow and Ice) 6 Hours 30 Minutes
02/16/2021 Closed (Snow) Digital Work Day
02/17/2021 2 Hour Delay (Snow) 2 Hours
02/18/2021 Closed (Snow) Digital Work Day
03/17/2021 3 Hour Delay (Fog) 3 Hours
05/24/2021 2 Hour Delay (Fog) 2 Hours
TOTAL 47 Hours 30 Minutes


Possible make up days are currently scheduled for the following dates:

Date Make-Up Day
Monday, January 18th
Monday, February 15th
Friday, March 19th
Friday, May 28th  
Tuesday, June 1st  
Wednesday, June 2nd  
Thursday, June 3rd  
Friday, June 4th  

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