Winter Sports Streaming

As we head into the winter sports season, we wanted to share some information as we continue live streaming sporting events. First, thank you to everyone that has watched this fall. We appreciate your patience as we worked through issues and learned the best ways to try and make it a good experience for all of our fans. Our coaches, athletes, and athletic department appreciate the support you have given us.

1. Where can I watch the games?
All home games will be available at and links will be posted to our homepage, Facebook, and Twitter each game day. Information to view away games will be posted on our sites as well when we receive the information from our opponents. 

2. What will it cost to watch basketball games this winter?

The cost for streaming our home basketball games will be $7 for Varsity/Junior Varsity and $4 for JH or Freshman games. As a reminder - ALL proceeds go directly to the Columbus Grove Athletic Department. WOSN has been an excellent partner as we bring the games to you by providing the infrastructure to make all of this possible.

3. Why are you charging a fee and not streaming events for free on Facebook or YouTube?
Due to the unique situation we are experiencing this year, the ticket purchases our programs rely on are significantly decreased. Our hope as an athletic department is that the fine people of Columbus Grove who have always filled our stands to watch our young athletes compete and also support the system that purchases uniforms, equipment, services, and pays for officials in order to have the games will also support them through this medium during this new normal of athletic competition.

4. Why isn't the stream working well sometimes?
As we've learned this process, there have been issues on the school side, and we've also heard folks have had issues on their home connection side. Streaming football games was challenging because of the wireless connection to the press box. A number of factors caused some lag during a couple of the games. All of our indoor events, however, have had a solid streaming connection and have worked well. If you have experienced issues while watching Volleyball, there could be a number of other factors causing the problems. Examples would be connection speed or congestion from your Internet provider, wifi speed in your home, or multiple devices streaming in your home. The very minimum speed recommended for streaming video is 3Mbps. You can check at to see what kind of speed your connection is.

5. How do I watch games on my TV?
There are a number of ways to play the video from WOSN on your TV. If you have a laptop or Chromebook with an HDMI port, you can plug directly into most TVs. If you have a Windows device and smart TV or Roku, you can cast wirelessly. If your TV or streaming device supports Airplay, you can use that to connect from your iPhone or iPad. Many Android devices can also wirelessly cast their screens. You can also use apps such as Web Video Caster.

6. Will there be commentary during the games?
We will work with local broadcasters to patch play-by-play audio into as many games as possible.

Once again, thank you to the community for your continued support of Bulldog Athletics and good luck to all of our teams this Winter.