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Mrs. Clymer
Christmas Games

Mrs. Daley
5th Grade Author Study
Animal Relocation Research Module

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Famous Ohioan
Famous Ohioans
Let's Go to the Fair

Mrs. Blythe
National Geographic Kids
Ocean Pollution

Pilgrim Links
Poetry as We See It

Story Starters
The Mayflower Compact
Wagons West
World FactBook


Mrs. Edwards
2nd Grade Science Book Activities
Apples (Webquest)

Christmas Fun
Christmas Webquest
Fire Safety 1
Fire Safety 2

Five Speckled Frogs
Frog and Toad (Webquest)
Frog Fact Tour
Kidd Safety
Mission Nutrition Webquest
My Christmas
Nutrition Activities
Pumpkins 1 (Webquest)
Pumpkins 2 (Webquest)

Sparky the Fire Dog
The First Thanksgiving
The Human Body
Weird Frog Facts
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - Apple Game

Mrs. Fruchey
Egyptian Daily Life
Immigration - Gateway To Dreams
Monarch Butterflies
Seven Wonders1

Mrs. Howe
Math Links

Mrs. Jay

Science WebQuests

Mrs. Martz
Fun Facts about the United States' Presidents
States and their Admission to the Union
Homework/Study TipsWhat's Your Learning Style
Memletics Learning Style Questionnaire
Multiple Intelligences Assessment
What's Your Learning Style

Mrs. Reed
3rd Grade Skill Builders
Diamond Ranch
Easter Mad Libs
Famous Inventions
Grammar for Kids
Hank the Cow Dog

History of Famous Inventors
Moo Milk
Kids Web Japan
Native American Facts for Kids
Physics 4 Kids
Rocks and Minerals
Simple Machines
The First Americans

The Fifty States
The Whitehouse
3rd Grade Skill Builders

Mrs. Swihart
Christmas Games

Christmas Traditions Around the World
Christmas Webquest

Computer Lab Favorites
Enchanted Learning
Fire Safety
Free Christmas Games

Grade 2 Games and Apps
How the Body Works
Human Body
Learning Games for Kids
Math Textbook
Plimoth Plantation
Plymouth Rock
Santa's Net
Scholastic Thanksgiving
Second Grade Internet Links
Sheppard Software
Solar System Quiz
The Many Names of Santa
Toon University

Mrs. Wilson
3 Branches of Government
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ellis Island
Government Webquest - 4th Grade
Government Webquest - 5th Grade
Native American Webquest

Newton's Physics Notebook
Plant Parts
The Underground Railroad

Ask Jeeves Kids
Cool Math 4 Kids

Fresh Baked Fractions
Fun Brain

Grade School Links @ DSJ
Helen Keller Museum Online

Hungry For Math


Laura Ingalls Wilder

Learning Planet

Our Land

Pizza Party
Science WebQuests
Who Wants Pizza?