High School/Middle School

Phone: (419) 659-2156

Name Position Email Direct Phone Extension
Mrs. Andrea Ankerman Spanish cg_ankerman@cg.noacsc.org 1138
Mrs. Jennifer Baumgartner Science cg_baumgartner@cg.noacsc.org 1142
Mrs. Kim Benton Special Education cg_benton@cg.noacsc.org 1169
Mr. Brian Best High School Principal cg_bbest@cg.noacsc.org 1104
Mrs. Kim Birnesser Social Studies cg_birnesser@cg.noacsc.org 1221
Mrs. Brenda Bruce Guidance Counselor cg_bruce@cg.noacsc.org (419) 659-4328 1102
Mrs. Sue Choi Digital Academy Coordinator cg_choi@cg.noacsc.org (419) 659-4305 1170
Ms. Elisa Clevenger Language Arts cg_eclevenger@cg.noacsc.org 1230
Ms. Jessica Geise Special Education cg_geise@cg.noacsc.org 1166
Mr. David Hassan Science cg_hassan@cg.noacsc.org 1140
Mrs. Dana Hauenstein Science cg_hauenstein@cg.noacsc.org 1139
Mrs. Vicki Hermiller Language Arts cg_hermiller@cg.noacsc.org 1160
Ms. Stacy Inbody Intervention Specialist cg_inbody@cg.noacsc.org 1225
Mrs. Rachael Jay JH Social Studies cg_jay@cg.noacsc.org 1178
Mrs. Linda Jolliff Monitor cg_jolliff@cg.noacsc.org 1193
Mrs. Mandy King Language Arts cg_making@cg.noacsc.org 1229
Mrs. Gwen Klear Mathematics cg_klear@cg.noacsc.org 1165
Mrs. Mindy Losh Guidance Counselor cg_losh@cg.noacsc.org 1107
Mr. Jason Lozer Band/Music cg_lozer@cg.noacsc.org   1157
Mr. Skyler Mayberry Social Studies cg_mayberry@cg.noacsc.org 1231
Mrs. Abbie Norton Physical Education/Health cg_norton@cg.noacsc.org 1190
Mrs. Kristal Pingle K-12 Secretary and Attendance cg_pingle@cg.noacsc.org (419) 659-2156 1101
Mrs. Sarah Ricker Art cg_sricker@cg.noacsc.org 1182
Mrs. Shara Roeder Special Education cg_roeder@cg.noacsc.org 1226
Mr. Andy Schafer Business/Technology cg_schafer@cg.noacsc.org 1134
Mr. Terry Schnipke Athletic Director/Language Arts cg_schnipke@cg.noacsc.org (419) 659-4331 1116
Mr. Brian Schroeder Mathematics cg_bschroeder@cg.noacsc.org 1228
Mrs. Lisa Schroeder Language Arts cg_lschroeder@cg.noacsc.org 1161
Mrs. Kim Smith Guidance Secretary cg_smith@cg.noacsc.org (419) 659-2631 1100
Mrs. Katie Stechschulte Family and Consumer Sciences cg_kstechschulte@cg.noacsc.org 1131
Mr. Matt Suever Science cg_suever@cg.noacsc.org 1164
Mr. John Vennekotter Social Studies cg_vennekotter@cg.noacsc.org 1222
Mrs. Katie Vennekotter Media Center cg_kvennekotter@cg.noacsc.org   1144
Mrs. Kristen Verhoff Choir/Music cg_kverhoff@cg.noacsc.org 1179
Mrs. Kari Weisenburger Mathematics cg_weisenburger@cg.noacsc.org 1227
Mrs. Katie Zimmerly Nurse cg_zimmerly@cg.noacsc.org (419) 659-4319 1113
Superintendent: (419) 659-2639
School Office (K-12): (419) 659-2156
Central Office Fax: (419) 659-5134

Columbus Grove Schools
201 W. Cross St.
Columbus Grove, OH