Guidance Update

What is Coronavirus?
Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a virus that affects the respiratory system (lungs, nose, mouth, throat, bronchi and all other body parts involved in breathing). It is passed from person to person through droplets from sneezes, coughs, runny noses, and saliva. So if someone sneezes on their hand and touches a bathroom door handle, and then another person touches that same bathroom door handle and then touches their face, they can become infected with the virus. This is why it is so important to wash our hands and avoid touching our faces.

Why are we staying home from school?
Everyone has a common goal for staff, students, families and communities to be safe and healthy. Scientists and health professionals are recommending that we stay home and avoid being in crowds or large gatherings. We are staying home from school to slow the virus from spreading.

What should we do to stay safe?
Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds. (Sing the ABC song).
Try to avoid touching your nose, mouth, eyes and face with your hands.
Practice healthy habits! Eat healthy foods, drink water, exercise and get plenty of sleep.
Limit time you are away from home and avoid touching other people - no high fives, no handshakes, avoid hugging and kissing.
If you or your family get sick, please stay home and take good care of yourselves.

What can I do if I’m feeling worried or anxious?
Breathe it Out - If your body is feeling anxious, take some time to sit and slow your breathing. Try this exercise: Breathe in ( like you are smelling a flower) and breathe out ( like you are blowing out a candle). Do this exercise a few times to slow your heart rate.
Keep your focus on the things you can control. Set small daily goals such as reading, practicing free throws, watching a favorite show, play a board game, draw, or write.
Limit screen time - television, computer, social media, etc...
Have a circle of support - talk with people you trust. If you feel like you need to talk with a counselor or know of someone who is struggling and needs to talk with someone there are various counseling resources.

Counseling Matters

Psychosocial Associates

Pathways Counseling Center, Inc. 

We Care Regional Crisis Center


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